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Generic name: Latanoprost.

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Xalatan is a medical remedy in the form of the eye drops which are used for the treatment of glaucoma and reduction of the intraocular pressure. This drug includes the active ingredients which help to improve vision and prevent blindness. In order to treat glaucoma it is necessary to use only narrow-purpose medical drugs as the use of the wrong ophthalmological drops may worsen the disease symptoms and lead to the fatal consequences.

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Mechanism of action

Xalatan is a trade mark of Latanoprost which is used in the ophthalmological practice for a long period of time. The mechanism of the action of this drug is conditioned by the selective activization of the specific FP-receptors of the eye, and as a result of this there is the increase of the outflow of aqueous humor from the anterior and posterior chamber of eye. In case of the increased outflow of the water from the eyeball the intraocular pressure is reduced and the eyestrain is decreased.   

In the course of the clinical studies it has been proved that this drug does not affect the volume of the secretion of aqueous humor which is produced by the processes of the ciliary body. In order to reduce water in the chambers of the eye the active ingredients of Xalatan activate the additional uveoscleral outflow of the intraocular liquid, i.e. it will quickly leave without accumulating and causing tension on the eyeball and increase of the intraocular pressure even during preservation of the production level of this liquid.

Usage and dosage

Xalatan eye drops are prescribed for the treatment and prophylaxis of:

  • open-angle glaucoma
  • increased ophthalmotonus

This drug is not prescribed for the treatment of the eye diseases caused by the infectious affections of the eyeball. The use of these drops should be under the supervision of the qualified medical specialist. If a patient has started using this medication for the first time, he/she needs individual recommendations and precautions. If a patient has already had anti-glaucoma therapy, he/she may take Xalatan without prescription.

The eye drops are indicated for the local usage. 1-2 drops are applied by dropping once, and it is advisable to do this in the evening or before going to bed. The more frequent use does not lead to the increase of the anti-glaucoma effect, however a patient may experience the weakening of the pharmacological effect from the treatment, and that is why it is not recommended to exceed the daily dose.

When the patient has applied the medication, the reduction of the intraocular pressure occurs in about 3-4 hours. The maximal therapeutic effect is recorded in 8-12 hours after the use of the drops. Oftentimes, one application per day is enough as the length of the pharmacological action of Xalatan is 24 hours.


  • To prevent the development of the addiction it is necessary to replace drugs for the glaucoma treatment in 1-2 years after the start of therapy
  • Xalatan eye drops are not recommended for the use in case of the appearance of the individual hypersensitivity to any ingredient and also treatment of children under 16 years old.
  • Patients who use soft contact lenses should remove lenses before the application of the drug in order to avoid getting the drug ingredients of the surface of lenses and damages of its transparence
  • If possible pregnant women should refuse from the treatment by this medication. Its usage may be possible if the risk for the fetus is considerably lower than the potential benefit for the mother
  • If a woman needs to take this medication during lactation, it is recommended to use the bottle feeding of a child.

If you are interested in the detailed information about the pharmacological properties of this medication, you are offered an opportunity to buy Xalatan online and find out personally about all interested questions communicating with a consultant of the Internet pharmacy.

Possible side effects

At the first days of the application of these eye drops a patient may observe a short-term increase of the symptoms of the irritation of the mucous membrane of the eyes that may appear in the form of the extreme epiphora, light tingling or burning, and redness of the eyes.

The side effects usually pass in a few days of the treatment when the mucous membrane gets used to the action of this remedy. The drug causes the gradual change of the eye color by means of the increase of the amount of the brown pigment in the iris.

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