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Generic name: Salmeterol.

Brand names include: Aeromax / Serobid.

Active ingredient: Salmeterol.

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Inhalator Serevent is indicated for the improvement and relief of breathing in case of the disorder in the work of the upper and lower respiratory tracts. With the help of the inhalator you will breathe without problems and any difficulties. Serevent is a medication of high quality due to the active ingredients which treat asthma quickly and improve the oxygen access to the lungs. This drug can be used for different diseases of the respiratory system: bronchial asthma with night attacks, chronic obstructive disease of the lungs, and also disorder of bronchi patency of oxygen which is caused by the physical load or effect of allergen. Serevent was carefully studied and tested, and FDA approved this medication for sale within the territory of the USA.

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Serevent action

Serevent is considered a medication of the new generation. The effect of the drug is bronchodilatory and antiphlogistic. This fast effect relaxes the muscles of the respiratory tract and as a result of this a patient does not experience lack of oxygen and any spasms.  A special peculiarity of Serevent is a reduction of the night attacks of asthma, and this allows you to have a sound sleep and do not worry about the ability to breather during your sleep. The drug inhibits the early and later bronchi responsiveness. After a one-time use it weakens the hyperactive response of bronchi. Serevent has an ability to inhibit the release of histamine, and thus the efficiency of the prevention of the allergic affection of the respiratory system is increased.

Common uses

Serevent is widely-used and there is a necessity to know that this drug can help you to treat your disease. However, a consultation with your physician is needed. Your physician will prescribe the correct dosage and indications for the use that must be observed while taking the drug. Serevent is produced in the form of inhalation.

  • The common dosage for the treatment is 50 mcg 2 times a day
  • If necessary the dosage can be increased up to 100 mcg 2 times a day but it is desirable to do it only after the consultation with the physician

The beginning of the broncholytic effect is observed in 5-15 minutes already after the use, and the length of therapeutic effect gains 12 hours. Due to this the necessity of the frequent use of inhaler disappears. This is another advantage of this drug as the frequent uses of the inhaler may cause slight side effects caused with the irritation of the mucous of the mouth cavity and discomfort. The less you use inhaler, the less discomfort the patient experiences.      


It is obligatory to follow contraindications indicated by your physician. These contraindications indicate that Serevent must not be taken by people with allergy to the ingredients included in the drug, pregnant women, and children under 14 years old, and patients with arrhythmia and also arterial hypertension.

Before the treatment tell your attending doctor about all chronic diseases which may affect the efficiency of the treatment. Observing all contraindications and precautions the risk of the appearance of the side effects from the side of the body is reduced almost up to zero. This tells about the high level of the pharmacological safety of the drug and its reliability.

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