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Generic name: Promethazine;.

Brand names: Promethegan, Romergan, Fargan, Farganesse, Prothiazine, Avomine, Atosil, Receptozine, Lergigan.

Active ingredient: promethazine.

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Buy Phenergan online

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Phenergan is one of the main anti-allergic remedies all over the world that is used in the basic therapy of the pollen allergy. Mainly this drug inhibits the signs of allergy but it does not affect the cause of the disease as a result of which it is often used in combination with other medications. At the same time Phenergan provides a rather strong antihistaminic, soporific, antiemetic, antipruritic, sedative, and local anesthetic effect. 

A fact is worth noticing is that this drug is often used as a sedative remedy before the surgeries and as a soporific in children who have sleep disorder. The anti-allergic effect is expressed by the antihistaminic activity and manifested blocking influence on the central nervous system. The therapeutic effect usually develops in already 20 minutes and lasts for 12 hours depending on the taken dosage and uptake of the active components of the body.

Phenergan is indicated for the treatment of

  • eczema
  • Quincke's disease
  • diathesis
  • dermatitis
  • toxicodermatosis and excitation of the nervous system
  • migraine
  • sleep disorder
  • asthmatic bronchitis
  • serum disease.

Besides the anti-allergic effect this drug provides a light broncholytic action which is manifested in the improvement of breathing at the allergic affections of the respiratory system and bronchi. Oftentimes, a sign of the dysfunction of the respiratory system is asthma which has severe symptoms causing discomfort in the day-to-day life. If earlier you have taken this remedy and know your dose and body reaction to the drug, you can have the further therapy by Phenergan without prescription from the medical specialist. In this case, in order to avoid problems with pharmacists in the regular pharmacies it is convenient and faster to buy Phenergan online and wait for the delivery of the medication to your house. 

If you have never taken this drug, it is better to start the treatment from the minimal daily dose 100 mg in order to find out the reaction of your body to therapeutic effect of this medication. Then, the dose can be increased depending on how effectively the antiallergic effect will be developed. 

This antihistaminic drug is rather safe, and therefore it is quite often prescribed children from 1 years old.

As the allergy may become a sudden reaction of the immune system, it is necessary to have this medication in the medicine chest. At the first stage of the development of the allergic reaction it will help to defeat the symptoms and reduce the release of histamine and this slows down the disease development in a moment.