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Generic name: Bimatoprost.

Active ingredient: bimatoprost.

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Lumigan is a medical product for the treatment of glaucoma and has a very unusual pharmacological effect. This drug is used not only in the ophthalmological practice but also in cosmetic medicine.

Oftentimes, these eye drops are used to increase eyelashes as the main active component Bimatoprost increases the growth of the eyelashes and makes them volume. However, the main medical destination of these drops is the treatment of glaucoma, and this medical product copes well with this task.

Buy Lumigan online

Buy Lumigan Online

Mechanism of action

Bimatoprost is a synthetic analogue of prostaglandin. The mechanism of the pharmacological action is conditioned by this. Prostaglandins are able to increase the outflow of the intraocular liquid from the eyes reducing the intraocular pressure.

Therapeutic effect of Lumigan occurs regardless of the cause of glaucoma. If the excess liquid is accumulated in the eyes for any reasons, this leads to the increase of the intraocular pressure and serious disorders including blindness. Nowadays, glaucoma is one of the dangerous diseases in the ophthalmological practice but such remedies as Lumigan indicate the ability to successfully struggle with this disease.

By degrees the main symptoms of glaucoma are disappeared in the patient, and then the intraocular pressure becomes normal and vision is restored.

Usage and dosage

Lumigan eye drops are prescribed for the treatment of glaucoma (open-angle type) and eye hypertension. Also, these drops may be used for prophylaxis of these diseases in patients who are predisposed to the development of the ophthalmological disorders.

Moreover, patients are allowed to use Lumigan without prescription to increase volume and length of the eyelashes.

To treat glaucoma and reduce the intraocular pressure the eye drops are prescribed only once a day, and it is desirable to use it in the evening, before going to bed. The pharmacological action of the drug lasts for up to 24 hours even during high loads to the eye organs. The reduction of the intraocular pressure starts in about 4 hours after the first introduction. The symptoms of glaucoma are also disappeared such as acute pain in the eyes, burning pain, edema, and inflammation. The maximal therapeutic effect occurs in 6-8 hours after the application.

These eye drops are available for the use with other ophthalmological remedies for the glaucoma treatment. Using the drug in combination with other medications it is necessary to make an interval after each introduction for at least 5 minutes.

If a patient wears contact lenses, it is necessary to remove them before the procedure and wear again in about 15 minutes after the introduction of the drops.


Using Lumigan eye drops it is necessary to follow the main rules of hygiene first of all. If there is dust or mud on the cap or medicine dropper, it may penetrate with medication and cause infection of the eyes This drug is contraindicated patients who are observed individual intolerance of Bimatoprost or other components which are added into this medical product

  • It is necessary to use medication with caution during diseases of the endocrine system
  • Using the drug during pregnancy or in the period of the breast-feeding it is necessary to consult your health care provider and find out whether you are allowed to use it.

Possible side effects

The most common side effect of the body while using Lumigan eye drops is the color change of the eyes. Bimatoprost affects a pigmentation of the iris and thus a color of the eyes may be changed in the patient after having the course of the treatment.

Rarely, patients are observed insignificant side effects in the form of the itching of the mucous membrane, burning during introduction, and redness of the eyes. These side effects are not dangerous for the body and do not require medical intervention. Also, the side effects include the opportunity to increase the eyelashes.

A broad use and big popularity of this drug have allowed widening the markets of sales and creating the Internet pharmacy for sale of these eye drops. It is easier and more profitable to buy Lumigan online because there is no need to go to the pharmacy to buy the eye drops. Ordering the medication via Internet each person is delivered Lumigan directly to the house in any place of the planet.