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Generic name: Fluticasone propionate.

Brand names include: Aeromax / Serobid

Active ingredient: Salmeterol.

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Flovent is a drug indicated for the treatment of the various diseases of the respiratory tract. Commonly, the medication is prescribed to prevent and treat asthma. Flovent can remove the disease symptoms such as tightness in the chest and breathe shortness and ease breathing.This medical remedy has been approved by FDA and due to its convenient medical form it helps maximally effectively to struggle with the symptoms of the bronchial asthma.

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Mechanism of action

A mechanism of the drug action is based on the relaxation of the smooth muscles of the respiratory tract. The active components of Flovent provide the anti-inflammatory action due to which it is possible to control the course of the bronchial asthma and slow down the development of this disease. Flovent has an ability to ease symptoms and does not allow asthma to appear again. A constant use of this medication will bring your health condition to the normal condition and you will breathe easily. The Flovent active ingredients reach the respiratory tract quickly, and thus they regulate breathing in the “hear” of the disease. This ability results in a good effect and successful and easy treatment with the help of Flovent. 

Common uses

Asthma and respiratory tract diseases should be done under the supervision of the doctor. It is recommended to have a consultation with doctor to find out the dose and way of application of Flovent, and this must be carefully considered. It is not advisable to use Flovent without prescription because this may result in negative effects of the body.  The drug should be taken on a regular basis and even if the disease symptoms are absent. The inhalations should be done every 6 hours. The therapeutic effect usually appears in 3-5 days of the drug use.  Flovent is used for the treatment of the chronic bronchial asthma, and therefore it is ineffective for the arresting of the attacks. However, in case of the prolonged use the drug does not cause the addiction and its pharmacological action does not become worse.


Take into account all precautions of Flovent in order to avoid the experience of the side effects. Ask your doctor how to gain better results and avoid bad influence on the body. It is not recommended to use Flovent if you have allergy to this drug, acute bronchismus, and also bronchitis of the non-asthmatic nature. During pregnancy the use of Flovent is possible if the treatment of asthma is required for a full existence of the mother. Children under 4 years old are not recommended to take this drug.

If precautions are followed, the risk of the side effects appearance is reduced. However, patients usually experience hoarseness, dry mouth, and even development of the oral candidosis at the beginning of therapy. In order to prevent the appearance of candidosis it is necessary to rinse your mouth with water after each inhalation.

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