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Generic name: Ipratropium.

Brand names include: Aeron / Aerovent / Aproven / Apovent / Ipravent.

Active ingredient: Ipratropium bromide.

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Atrovent is a well-known medical product which really helps a lot of people to treat respiratory system diseases. Atrovent is indicated for the treatment of bronchial spasms as well as bronchial asthma. It may used for other diseases that irritate the human breathing. Atrovent is an approved medication for the application and prescribed patients who suffer from any level and duration of the disease.

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The released medical form of Atrovent is inhalator that provides easy and quick penetration of the active ingredients into the inflammation region. As a result breathing is improved because airways are opened and relaxed. Due to the convenient medical form the pharmacological action of the drug happens faster and causes less negative reactions of the body. After using the drug the bronchodilating effect develops in 5-15 minutes and gains its maximum in 1-2 hours.

Taking the tablets with the identical effect the action develops 2-3 times longer and this affects the general treatment and possibility of taking the drug in an emergency.  However, in the medical practice it is not recommended to take this drug for the extreme arresting of the asthma attack as sometimes even 5 minutes are a prolonged term, and the faster medication is needed.

The main drawback of Atrovent aerosol is that the appearance of the irritation of the mucous membrane in the mouth cavity and dry mouth are possible in the first days of the use. These are the most common reactions to the drug which are expressed at the beginning of therapy.

Drug action

Atrovent is supplied with an effective action. The active ingredients of the drug reach the respiratory tract deeply and start acting in a couple of actions. Atrovent is not prescribed for the fast getting rid of spasms. Its ability is to make the health condition of the patient better.

Generally, Atrovent acts gradually and reduces the disease symptoms. As a result a condition of entire respiratory system becomes better. Atrovent is able to prevent narrowing of bronchi and so patients can breathe without difficulties and any restrictions.

The pharmacological action of this drug lasts for 6-8 hours (in each case it is individually), and due to this you can find out on your own when aerosol must be used.

Common uses

Atrovent is used as an inhalation and its dosage depends on the individual peculiarities of the patient’s health condition and his/her reaction to this medical product. The drug is used 3 times per day in the dose of 1-2 sprays. If the level of the disease is severe and patient sleeps well, the dosage can be increased up to 2-3 doses 3 times per day. The adjustment of the dose is possible after the consultation with a doctor in charge and in case of the absence of any contraindications.

The length of the treatment depends on the efficiency of therapy and absence of any side effects in the patient or incompatibility with this medication.


The precautions must be discussed with your doctor and you have to know all possible effects of the drug. In case of some contraindications the use of the drug may be prohibited or restricted. These contraindications include allergy to Atrovent, eye diseases, pregnancy and breast feeding.Try to satisfy all orders of the doctor and you will gain a good and successful treatment.

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