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Generic name: Levosalbutamol / levalbuterol.

Brand names include: Levolin.

Active ingredient: levalbuterol HCI.

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buy Xopenex online

Xopenex is regarded as a fast medication to treat various diseases of the respiratory tract. This medical product removes the symptoms of the disorders of the respiratory system and relieves the human breathing. This drug is used for the treatment of the bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema of the lungs. Xopenex acts by means of the dilating of the respiratory tracts that may be narrowed because of the obstructive lung disease. It is produced in the form of the measured aerosol for the inhalations. A convenience of the inhaler use for the treatment of the diseases of the respiratory system has been approved many times, and that is why other medical form of the active component levalbuterol is rarely used in the medical practice.

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The pluses of Xopenex consist in that it penetrates into the lungs and starts its pharmacological action from there, and thus it improves the work of the lungs at first and then dilates the respiratory tracts. This drug can be used not only as a constant remedy to maintain the normal breathing but also for the arresting of the spasms. This shows its high efficiency. Moreover, the active components of this drug have been tested in different clinical studies many times and been approved by FDA as a safe and effective medication. It is necessary to mention that not all drugs for the treatment of the diseases of the respiratory tracts were approved by FDA.

Xopenex action

It provides the expressed broncholytic effect preventing or arresting spasms of bronchi, reduces the resistance in the respiratory racts. Reducing the resistance and relaxing the muscles of the respiratory tracts the drug helps to relief severe disease symptoms such as cough, choke, rales, lack of oxygen and others. Using this drug for the prevention of the respiratory diseases it is possible to reduce the frequency of the relapses and improvement of the clinical image of the patient’s diagnosis.  

Common uses

Xopenex use will make your breathing easy and free and bring your health back. Xopenex is well tolerated if it is applied according to the doctor’s orders and indications, and in this case the result of the treatment will be successful. A consultation with doctor is recommended. It is not desirable to use Xopenex without prescription because you may break the whole treatment process by means of the incorrect use. After the prior consultation with health care provider you will be able to buy Xopenex and start the course of the treatment with confidence. The dosage and usage are individual in each clinical case. Adult patients are prescribed 2-3 inhalations every 6-8 hours per day. In case of the severe types of the disease or arresting of the attack the dose can be increased up to 3-4 inhalations once or 3-4 times per day.  


If you are going to take Xopenex, make sure that it is not contraindicated for your health. All cautions of this drug must be discussed with your doctor in charge in order to avoid negative reactions and gain useful treatment. However, if you are going to follow all cautions and indications, your treatment will be safe. If you have allergy to the active components of Xopenex, you must not take this drug. The use of the drug is not also advisable children under 6 years old.

The main drawback of this medication is that it is completely contraindicated for the use during pregnancy because the risk of the harm to the health of the fetus is higher than the potential benefit. Using the inhaler it is required to follow caution with patients with chronic diseases such as tachyarrhythmia, severe chronic heart failure, arterial hypertension, and thyrotoxicosis.

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