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Brand names include: Travo-Z, Travatan, Travo.

Active ingredient: travoprost.

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Travoprost Ophthalmic Solution is a unique remedy for the recovery of the vision in patients suffering from the glaucoma symptoms. This product is a high-selective agonist of prostaglandin receptors and has a very effective pharmacological action.

According to the data of various clinical studies which investigated the properties of this drug it has been found out that it differs by the high level of the pharmacological safety and is well tolerated by the majority of patients and does not cause negative reactions of the immune system and body in general.

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The main mechanism of the drug action is connected with the increase of uveoscleral outflow as a result of which the intraocular pressure and tension to the visual nerve are considerably reduced.

The intraocular pressure is reduced in about 2 hours after the use, and the maximal effect is achieved in 12 hours. Travoprost eye drops are easy-to-use. Usually, patients are sufficient 1 drop into each eye once a day before going to bed. In individual cases the frequency of the use of the eye drops may be increased, however it must be done only in case of the severe types of glaucoma. If the dose is increased and taken more than 1 drop a day, the pharmacological efficiency of the drug may be reduced gradually.

The side effects may appear only in rare cases depending on the individual tolerance of the drug. Usually, Travoprost is used without prescription if you find out about this medication and your diagnose in details. It is more convenient to use the services of the Internet pharmacy where you can get maximum information about the medication, way of the use and pharmacological properties online. It is possible to buy Travoprost online at any time and select the way of the delivery and order the drug to your house.

Using these eye drops patients have recorded very interesting changes which occurred in a certain period of time after the end of the treatment. The most interesting fact was a change of the color of the eyes.

Doctors indicate rather rare cases of the color changes of the eyes during the use of these drops but state that this peculiarity may appear during the prolonged treatment. However, this change will not cause any negative consequences and will not affect the vision. Also, using Travoprost Ophthalmic Solution patients do not feel discomfort in the eyes, itching, pain or other symptoms which appear while using cheaper and less proved remedies.

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