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Generic name: budesonide / formoterol fumarate dihydrate

Brand names include: Foracort

Active ingredient: micronized budesonide and micronized formoterol fumarate dihydrate.

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Symbicort is a combined medical product for the treatment of the bronchial asthma. The drug contains Budesonide and Formoterol which provide different mechanism of action but have similar pharmacological effect.

Symbicort provides an anti-inflammatory action in lungs reducing an evidence of the symptoms and rate of the acute condition of the bronchial asthma. The active component Formoterol causes the relaxation of the smooth muscles of bronchi due to which the respiratory tracts open and spasms disappear. The broncholytic action of this component occurs almost at once within one minute after the use.

Symbicort turbuhaler is indicated for the inhalation use that favors the increase of the drug effectiveness, speed of the onset of the pharmacological effect, and also reduction of the side effects in comparison with the systemic tablets of glucocorticosteroids.

The inhaler gets faster to the lungs through the respiratory tracts and due to this the active components of the drug start their action faster. Using the tablets the active components should get into the gastrointestinal tract and then time is needed for its dissolution and penetration into the lungs trough the blood.

Symbicort turbuhaler will help to save human life as it will relieve the breathing and remove attack of the bronchial asthma in an emergency. That is why the most patients are recommended to buy Symbicort online and always have the inhaler on you just in emergency.

Buy Symbicort online

Buy symbicort online

Common use

The adjustment of the drug dosage is made individually and depends on the severity of the disease.

  • Adults and children older than 12 years old use 1-2 inhalations 2 times per day
  • After gaining optimal result in the treatment it is possible to reduce the dose up to the smallest effective one, up to one use per day.

The patient should inhale strongly and deeply through mouthpiece in order to guarantee getting the optimal dose of the drug into the lungs. It is not recommended to exhale trough the mouthpiece. After each inhalation the patient should rinse his/her mouth with water.


  • Symbicort is contraindicated in case of the individual intolerance of Budesonide and Formoterol or lactose, and also children younger than 12 years old
  • In case of the tuberculosis of the lungs, fungous, viral, or bacterial infections of the respiratory organs, diabetes, arterialhypertension the use of the drug is possible only after the examination in a health care provider.
  • The drug is used with caution during pregnancy and in the period of the lactation. A constant observation is advisable by the health care provider who will indicate the level of the effect of the active components of Symbicort to the body of woman and fetus.

Possible Side Effects

The risk of appearance of the side effects depends on the individual tolerance of the drug and its ingredients. Often, patients have experienced headache, tachycardia, tremor, candidosis, cough, hoarseness, and nausea. These side effects are not dangerous for the patient’s health and usually pass within 2-3 days. Hives, sleep disorder, anxiety, and lowering of the arterial pressure are uncommon. If these side effects occur, consult a doctor.

Buy Symbicort online