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Generic name: fluorometholone.

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FML is a glucocorticoid remedy of the fast action which helps to block the release of mediators of the inflammation in the body, and this helps to cope with different inflammatory processes of the eyes. The therapeutic efficiency is conditioned by the anti-inflammatory, antiallergic and anti-exudative pharmacological action which occurs almost at once after the use of the drug.

FML is produced in the form of the eye drops that are used for the treatment and prevention of the inflammatory diseases of conjunctiva, cornea, and anterior segment of the eye. Oftentimes, our eyes are exposed to various external effects, and consequently the redness of the eye bulb, inflammation and edema of the eyelids, and even severer diseases such as glaucoma appear. In spite of the danger of these disorders of the eye membrane most people does not pay attention to the symptoms and do not start the treatment in time. But, as you know, eyes are one of the most important organs, and therefore once you have felt any symptoms of the eye disorders, it is necessary to buy FML online without delay. The matter is that these eye-drops help at the early stage of the development of the symptoms of the allergic conjunctivitis, or another disease which may lead to the blindness. 

Usually, unlike tablets the eye drops cause less side effects and are well tolerated by the body. However, even in this case not one patient is protected against the side effects which may appear in case of the individual intolerance of any medical products which are included into the eye drops FML. That is why it is better to be taken FML without prescription by patients who already know how this drug is accepted by their body.

The pharmacological action of the drug leads to the fast results, and therefore it is not indicated for the prolonged usage. Oftentimes, the use of the drops is terminated after the disappearance of all symptoms because the prolonged treatment may also cause the side effects.

Usually, the medication is used 1-2 drops from 2 to 4 times per day. This is enough in order to stop the course of the allergic conjunctivitis, weaken the main symptoms of the disease such as eye redness, itching, pain in eyes, edemas, worsening of the vision, and increased light perception. Despite the fact that this drug can be used for the inflammatory affections of the eyes it is not effective for the infectious diseases because it does not have the antimicrobial action.        

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