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Generic name: Brimonidine / Timolol is an ophthalmic solution (eye drops).

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The treatment of the allergic diseases of the eyes remains a serious problem of the ophthalmological practice. First of all this is connected with the prevalence of allergens which cause irritation of the mucous membrane and eyeball. Also the treatment is complicated by a great number of the casual factors, acute course and risk of the vision damages, and incorrect therapy. That is why, searching a remedy for the treatment of the allergic damages of the eyes it is necessary to take into account a lot of factors.

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Nowadays one of the most popular remedies for the treatment of such diseases is Patanol. These eye drops are indicated for the treatment of the allergic conjunctivitis. The medication has a strong antiallergic and antihistamine pharmacological action. The mechanism of the action is conditioned by the penetration of the active components of the drug into histamine receptors and their blocking. Also, this drug inhibits the release of the mediators of the inflammation from the mast cells, and at the same time it does not affect dopamine and serotonin receptors.

According to the different medical studies this drug is one of the safest drugs on the market of the antiallergic eye drops. Due to this adults and children older than 3 years old are allowed taking Patanol without prescription. In already 2 hours after the drug application a therapeutic effect is noticed which reduces the disease symptoms such as itch, eye redness, inflammation of the mucous membrane, edemas of the eyelids, pain, burning, and blurred vision. It is recommended to use 1 drop 2 times per day thus creating the twenty-four-hour protection of the eyes against the allergy symptoms.

The eye drops can be used for a long period of time until the complete disappearance of the symptoms. In order to relieve the process of the purchase of the medication it ispossible to buy Patanol online considerably reducing your money expense for the treatment and saving time needed for buying. In the internet pharmacy you can buy the unlimited amount of the eye drops and start using the medication at another relapse of the disease preventing the worsening of the symptoms.

The length of the treatment usually depends on the individual tolerance of the remedy and its efficiency. If a patient experiences burning pain while using the drops, it is necessary to consult a physician. And if severer side effects appear, perhaps it is necessary to terminate the use of Patanol eye drops and try another drug with identical pharmacological action.