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Active ingredient: levobunolol.

buy Betagan online

Betagan eye drops are actively used for the treatment of different eye diseases particularly glaucoma in medicine. This wide-spread disease poses a threat to a human being as it is able to lead to blindness in a short period time. This drug includes the active component Levobunolol which belongs to the pharmacological group of the beta-blockers.

Buy Betagan online

The pharmacological action starts becoming apparent after the use of the eye drops. Betagan blocks beta-receptors in the eye and thus there is the outflow of the intraocular fluid from the eye bulb. In case of the accumulation of this liquid there is an excessive increase of the intraocular pressure which leads to the disorder of the visual nerve and causes a serious worsening of the vision.

This drug causes a considerable reduction of the intraocular pressure, and due to this there are no changes in the cornea of the eye and the vision is restored gradually. If the development of the disease is diagnosed at the early stage and the use of these drops is started, it is possible to prevent the worsening of the vision and maintain the intraocular pressure on the same level at the initial stage. If the treatment is not started in time, the course of the recovery will be difficult and it may not be true that the patient will be able to return his/her previous vision.

Reducing the intraocular pressure Betagan does not affect the accommodation and size of the pupil, and that is why there is no worsening of the sharpness of the vision and the quality of the colour and night vision does not become worse. And even if this remedy is used for the prevention of the eye diseases, this drug will not cause any discomfort and not restrict your actions.

Usually 1-2 drops are used 2 times per day for the treatment and prevention. The maximal effect usually develops in 2-4 hours and the patient considerably feels the relief of the symptoms of glaucoma such as pain and pressure in eyes.

This drug is very popular all around the world and almost completely safe. That is why it is allowed to sell Betagan without prescription in most countries of the world. In spite of this the cost of this drug does not always correspond to the possibilities of the common patients, and so they limit themselves to the access to this medication.

That is why many people prefer to buy Betagan online as buying the eye drops via Internet they save a considerable amount of means and may take this medication constantly in case of need. It is important to remember the main rule which states that the glaucoma treatment should be started at the first symptoms of the disease. Otherwise it will be late. So, take care of your health condition constantly.