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Generic name: Brimonidine

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Alphagan is an anti-glaucoma medical product produced in the form of the eye drops. This drug includes medical ingredients which provide a directed pharmacological action and cause the reduction of the intraocular pressure to relieve the glaucoma symptoms. This product of pharmacology has recently got a co mmon use; however doctors record a high activity of this remedy and prescribe it for the light types of glaucoma.

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Buy Alphagan online

Mechanism of action

The active component of Alphagan is Brimonidine. This component belongs to the group of the selective alpha-2- adrenoceptor agonist which provides a stimulating effect to the adrenoceptors. A stimulation of these receptors leads to the increase of the outflow of the intraocular liquid from the pouch of the eyeball through the uveoscleral tract, and due to this the intraocular pressure is gradually reduced.

Unlike the majority of the identical anti-glaucoma remedies this drug also affects the secretion of the intraocular liquid. Reducing the release of this liquid the active components of the drug improve the efficiency of therapy and quicken the process of the vision normalization.

Usage and dosage

Alphagan eye drops are used locally. They must be instilled into the conjunctival sac of the affected eye 1 drop 3 times per day. It is better to use the medication at 8 hours interval. So, the drug makes a twenty-four-hour hypotensive conditions to reduce the intraocular pressure. In order to make the eye drops reach the needed place it is necessary to maximally move the lower eyelid aside.

The maximal effect of the reduction of the intraocular pressure is achieved in 2 hours after the procedure.

This drug can be used in combination with other ophthalmological drugs for the purpose of the reduction of the intraocular pressure. If a patient takes two drugs at the same time, the interval between the introductions of the drops should be about 5 minutes.

The eye drops do not require special recommendations for the use, and that is why if a patient follows all precautions, he/she may use Alphagan without prescription.


Patients with severe cardiovascular diseases, orthostatic hypotension, renal/hepatic failure, heart failure, and depression should use these drops with extreme caution. If a health condition of the patient becomes worse, it is necessary to terminate the use of the drug. - Patients who use soft contact lens should remove them before the installation of the drug.

The contact lens may be used in 15 minutes. - In case of the hypersensitivity to Brimonidine the use of the drug is contraindicated. - In the period of pregnancy and lactation it is strictly not recommended to use these eye drops. If the treatment is needed during the breast-feeding, it is necessary to use the bottle feeding of a child. - Alphagan eye drops are contraindicated children under 2 years old.

Possible side effects

As any medical product Alphagan eye drops have side effects which appear in case of the incorrect use of the drug or individual intolerance of its components. It is necessary to mention that even the exceeding of the allowed daily dosage may lead to serious side reactions including hives.

Often, patients face light side effects such as itching of mucous membrane of the eye and skin of the eyelids, sensation of the burning pain, redness of the eyelids, photosensitivity, and watery eyes. These reactions are caused because the medication affects the mucous of the eye. Usually, these effects causing discomfort pass within 2-3 days, and a patient does face them anymore.

If a patient wants to know more about the possible side effects, precautions, or pharmacological properties of the drug without leaving the house, he/she may buy Alphagan online and turn to a qualified pharmacist who will answer any questions at any time.