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Generic name: Ketorolac tromethamine

Active ingredient: ketorolac.

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Acular is an antiallergic medical product which is used for the treatment of the inflammatory affections of the eyes caused by the allergic reactions. This drug belongs to the group of the non-steroid anti-inflammatory remedies which are the most effective for the allergic reactions which cause severe itching.

The use of these eye drops will help to quickly remove the symptoms of the allergic conjunctivitis and reduce severe itching and increased epiphora. In addition, this remedy has a light antiedemic and anti-inflammatory action. This prevents the inflammation of the eyelids and mucous membrane of the eye due to which the symptoms of the disease are well tolerated and a patient may return to his/her deals.

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Buy Acular online

In spite the fact that Acular is not indicated for the usage without prescription it can be bought without written confirmation of the physician. If a patient has already taken this drug and knows about its pharmacological properties, it is pointless to waste time for the consultation of the physician. So, it is possible just to buy Acular online and get the medication without prescription and other written directions of health care providers within a couple of days in any place of the planet.

However, using these eye drops a patient should be too cautious as the incorrect or excessive use of this medication may cause some unwanted body reactions. Usually, patients feel a temporary burning after the use of the drops. This burning is conditioned by the powerful effect of the drug to some receptors in the eyes. However, this does not affect the quality of the vision. If you experience burning pain at the first days of the use, do not be afraid because this will pass.

If you wear lenses, it is better to use them in 15-20 minutes after the use of the drops. Acular eye drops are easy-to-use. Throw back your head and move the lower eyelid aside by your forefinger. Press the bottle by another hand in order to get the needed amount of the drops. Then it is necessary to do the same procedure with another eye. It is very important that the bottle will be kept away from mud and dust as this may cause pain and itching as well as infection in your eyes.

If you have other problems with eyes, for example, glaucoma, the use of the drug may cause the increase of the symptoms of this disease. In these cases, it is necessary to go to a health care provider and find out whether you are allowed to use these eye drops and what precautions must be observed.